Funeral Flowers – What should I do with funeral flowers after the funeral?

After losing a love one, and the funeral has passed you may be left wondering what you should do with all the flowers that have been given. In most cases some people will like to take home their loved ones funeral flowers, but in some cases this is simply not possible due to the large number of funeral flowers given and can also be quite overwhelming.

Often family members think that leaving the flowers seems a waste and makes everything feel final, but can’t decide on what options are available.

There are a number of options available that you can undertake, and we’ll run through them below:

Have funeral flowers made into a floral arrangement:

Surprisingly this is one of the most requested post-funeral asks from our customers, here at Bromborough Flowers we can make arrangements for any coffin sprays, funeral flower arrangements to be passed back to us, and we can then produce a smaller personal arrangement from a selection of the original funeral flowers.

Most people feel this is a sentimental and personal way of preserving the flowers.

If you would like to know more about this service, please contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss this in further detail with you.

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Preserve the funeral flowers

Another option available is to try and preserve the funeral flowers through flower pressing. Most funeral flowers will only last no more than a few weeks if left, so pressing another way of preserving the longevity of the flowers.

A number of customers choose this option, it gives them the opportunity to make small personalised gifts such as bookmarks, or picture frames and is another way of creating a lasting memory.

Donate them to family and close friends:

Why not ask close family and friends to take some of the funeral arrangements for themselves after the funeral.

Donate the funeral flowers to a local good cause:

Often families will ask the funeral directors to make arrangements to donate the funeral flowers to a local good cause such as hospice or retirement home, where others may get some enjoyment from the flowers.

This is often seen as a lovely gesture, but our advice would always be to call the benefactor first to make sure they will accept them, in recent years places such as hospitals have refused to have fresh flower arrangements on site due to potential pollen allergies or forms of contamination.

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Example above of a funeral coffin spray before the funeral service

An example above of two table posies made from the original funeral coffin spray