Wedding Flowers | Why do wedding flowers cost so much? | What to look for?

This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions by any couple looking to get married when they approach their respective wedding florists for wedding flower prices, and in a lot of cases get quoted some hefty prices in return; in the majority of cases couples can’t understand how wedding flowers can become so costly.

It goes without saying that a lot of preparation and work can go into wedding flower design and this should never be overlooked, this is often dictated by the wishes of the Bride and Groom, choice of flowers, time of the year for a particular flower (seasonal variation can up the price considerably, especially if your chosen flowers are out of season at the point you are getting married), time for your wedding florist to design and put together specific aspects of their wedding flower designs, size of wedding bouquets required, who needs a buttonhole who doesn’t, who needs a non-bridal bouquet who doesn’t, do you need table flowers … the list can go on and on – if you want no more clearer indication on quantity and types of wedding flowers available, check out our wedding flowers checklist this will give you some indication of how many variations of wedding flowers and wedding arrangements you may need for your wedding.

The majority of wedding florists will, and do, increase their prices for their wedding flower arrangements, notably as a result of the amount of delicate work involved and time to prepare their wedding flower designs, but some sadly will just over-inflate the price further simply because it is a wedding, nothing more – nothing less.

Let me give you an example, recently we were approached by a lovely couple who were looking for a very simplistic wedding flower package who had a very minimal budget.

As we would advise any perspective customer to do:

  • Shop around as many wedding florists as you can
  • Ask to see examples of work such as a wedding flower portfolio
  • Meet with the florists, this will give you a feel for what they can do for you – you have to feel comfortable with them
  • Take recommendations from friends and family who have used a wedding florist
  • Check your seasons for your flowers, this can make a huge difference in price
  • Ask questions, make sure your florist will be accommodating if you have a change of plan such as colour change
  • Will your florist attend the venue and be on hand to assist with any last minute hiccups? (Surprising what can be forgotten or asked to be changed on the day!)
  • Finally get your quotes sorted and compare the pros and cons of each florist.

Quickly going back to our particular couple, they wished for a simple gypsophila based bridal bouquet with complementary greenery, nothing else, no table arrangements, no buttonholes just the bridal bouquet; the price ranges were astonishing to say the least!

For most wedding florists, they would know this is probably about as minimal a bridal bouquet as you can get, the prices typically quoted ranged from about £100-£150 to two florists who wanted in excess of £1,000!!

As you can see it is important to shop around, but be aware that you may always be caught by the price hike simply because it is a wedding so you should always make sure you do your homework thoroughly to avoid being disappointed.

Finding a florist who won’t charge you the earth:

Bromborough Flowers we will always work closely with you on your budget and will always try and charge a fair and reasonable amount for your wedding flowers, based on flower cost and our time, we are in the flower business because we have a passion for flowers and being creative, not just to make a quick sale at over-inflated prices. It is always our pleasure to help couples out, and that to us is worth more than just increasing any profit margin simply for the sake of it.

If you are interested in seeing how we can help you with your wedding flowers and wedding arrangements, then please get in touch. We are confident that we are probably one of the cheapest wedding flower designers in the area, and yet our work speaks for itself, high quality doesn’t always mean it has to cost a fortune!!  – why not check our our recent wedding flower designs to see for yourself, we also have examples of our recent work for all things flowers on our Facebook page.

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