Kingfisher Garden Sprayer: Say goodbye to your watering can

Many of the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed during these recent warm weather, one or two of our staff looking like urban ghostbusters with a water sprayer tendering our outdoor bedding plants.

A few of you have asked about what it is, and how it works and even where to buy one…so we thought we would give you a little bit more information.

Whilst there are a number of similar Garden Water Pressure Sprayers on the market, we have opted in the past for this one made by Kingfisher, which seems robust, has stood up to daily use and is a great price. You can see similar around various market places for around the £40 mark, this little beauty comes in at around £10, and is even on offer at the moment with Amazon for £8.99.

The benefit of such a device is it allows you to carry a total of 5 litres of water in the container, and you apply it through the adjustable nozzle to a fine spray, or full-on heavy spray using a simple manual pressure system – in most cases this is ideal especially for those more delicate plants and flower heads in the garden, or when used in your hanging baskets.

With a long extended hose, it is great for reaching into those hard to reach places – just think of the issues with your hanging baskets and a watering can for example, you normally struggle to hold the can high enough under weight to give a good soaking, or the hassle of taking the basket down risking flower damage – not anymore with one of these, pump, set the nozzle, point over the basket and press the trigger.

Pressurized with a simple pump action, the pressure allows a good steady flow of water, once it drops, just give it another few pumps to get the pressure back up.

The pump also has a built-in safety pressure release value, this means you can never over-pressurize the bottle and potentially splits the seals.

For those who may stuggle with the simple trigger on the lance, there is also an added benefit of a ‘stay-on’ lock which is useful if you find holding items in your hands too longs causes discomfort.

The Kingfisher Pump Action Garden Sprayer also has a nice and long should strap which helps immensely if you are walking around the garden, and helps to lighten the carrying load.

The other added benefits of the Kingfisher Pump Action Garden Sprayer, is that it will also take pesticides, and water based products such as fence protective, but as always make sure you fully sanitize the bottle after use to prevent damage and contamination if you plan on using this again on your plants or garden.