COVID-19 – What you need to know

As you know things remain difficult during these recent times with COVID-19 at the forefront of life in general. Here at Bromborough Flowers, we are always looking to maintain the safest shopping environment we can possibly provide for our customers, this includes becoming a registered Covid-19 secure business with Wirral Borough Council.

Our best practise details are listed below to help identify with our customers, everything we can possibly do to make your visit to Bromborough Flowers a safe and pleasant one.

  • We are limiting our entry into the shop of a maximum of 2 customers at any one time

  • Our floor space is clearly sectioned into 2m sections for ease of social distancing – please adhere to this

  • Entry to the shop is strictly refused without an appropriate face covering. If you are exempt, then please display an exemption card where possible.

  • We are asking customers not to handle flowers to prevent any possible contamination

  • Hand sanitiser will be freely available for both customers and staff and can be located for our customers on the front desk.

  • All staff have been provided with appropriate PPE if required

  • We have conducted a risk assessment relating to Covid-19 which has been shared with our employees

  • Under no circumstances are you permitted to approach staff working in the design area at the rear of the shop, this is to protect them and you.

  • All employees have been advised and will be adhering to regular cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures.

  • All worksurfaces, including the customer serving areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized to minimize contamination before, during and after working hours.

Presently we are not required to implement a formal Covid-19 track and trace procedure given we are not classed as a hospitality industry, however should subsequent advise and guidance request this, then we will of course be introducing this accordingly.

Please remember the onus to remain safe and secure during these difficult times remains a shared responsibility and we would politely ask our customers to ensure adherence to these measures to not only protect our staff, fellow customers but themselves also from contracting Covid-19, or likewise spreading the virus.

Stay safe

Pauline x

Bromborough Flowers