COVID-19 Business Update Monday 2nd November 2020

Following guidance regarding the forthcoming 2nd national lockdown we want to inform our customers on our business position during the next phase.

What is the last day I can enter the shop premises?

Wednesday 4th November will be the last day customers may enter the premises to order/purchase/browse for flowers.

Will you still be open to the public to order flowers afterwards, can I come inside?

With effect from Thursday 5th November, our shop will be closed to all public entrance, but our staff will be working behind closed doors. You will not be permitted to enter the premises under any circumstances, but we will still be operating as ‘normal’, just behind the scenes so to speak.

Are you still accepting orders, if so how do I place an order with you?

In line with Government advice, we will be moving to a ‘click and collect’ service as we previously did earlier this year, meaning you must order your flowers via our website, phone or social media platforms.

Note: All orders must be paid for in advance. We are able to take card payments over the phone or if ordering directly from our website the card gateway there will allow you to make a secure payment.

You will be advised on a time to collect from the shop and any collections will be processed contactless at the door entrance – you will not be permitted to enter the premises under any circumstances.

Will you still be offering flower deliveries during lockdown?

Deliveries will still be made and our drivers will ensure the appropriate means of safety guidelines are being followed which will include a ‘drop and contactless’ doorstep delivery process to protect them and the recipient and includes appropriate PPE/Sanitisation processes.

***We will not be able to leave flowers with a neighbour during this time so you need to ensure that your recipient is home, or a specified secure drop off point is identified and a contact number of the person receiving is provided at point of ordering – We will not re-attempt deliveries during lockdown***

Will lockdown affect flower availability?

As it stands at the time of writing, our supply chain remains robust and we are not initially envisaging any problems with flower supplies. All borders remain open as do the wholesale markets in Europe.

I have recently lost a loved one and am trying to make funeral arrangements, am I still able to order funeral flowers with you?

We understand funerals in particular are still permitted during lockdown, although there may be a restriction on attendees, however we believe that flowers can still be ordered as required and we will deliver in the safest method possible in-line with the funeral homes own COVID-19 safety procedures.

I placed an order for flowers with you before lockdown was announced, they are needed for a date during the new lockdown period – What happens now?

As mentioned above, we will continue to operate behind closed doors. It is our intention that all existing orders will be completed as requested. If anything changes we will aim to contact you as soon as possible to advise further.


Should any of the above change, we will update our position accordingly.

Please check our website and social media for details.

Again, thanks for all your support.