Bromborough Flowers British Floral Association Member

Bromborough Flowers gains ‘British Florist Association’ Membership

Well as some of you may have seen from our recent Facebook posts, Bromborough Flowers are delighted to announce that we were recently awarded ‘The British Florist Association’ membership.

It has been such a huge compliment to the work that we have done so far in such a short space of time, and we are hugely proud to have been recognised for this, and be awarded membership to such a fantastic organisation.

If you are not familiar with who The British Florist Association are, then you can read some further information on their website.

The British Florist Association have a standard of excellence which each member needs to adhere to, and at Bromborough Flowers we will always aim to offer you a high quality product, value for money and the best customer service we can provide.

The BFA Standard of Excellence set the levels every customer can expect from the florist members of the British Floristry Association. All members of the BFA are committed to achieving high levels of quality of product and of service and follow all of the BFA standards of excellence expected of them to give the best level of service to their customers

As explained, here’s what you can expect from a member of The British Florist Association.

The British Florist Association and their members share an overwhelming passion for Flowers and Floristry at its best!

BFA Florists are the experts. In the hands of a trained professional a few flowers can be turned into something truly beautiful, a real work of art. 

Our professional florists train for many years. The knowledge and experience held by a team within a floristry business is quite extraordinary, they can offer assistance on all aspects of floristry, whether it’s the combination of a few flowers for your kitchen table, a gift for a friend’s birthday, a grand wedding or for flowers for a funeral.

Whilst flowers can be purchased in a number of places, the attention to detail, care, professionalism and expertise that can be offered by a skilled florist in unrivalled. 

Floristry is the best job in the world (although some may consider we’re a little biased!) however, it is also a lot of hard work. The job often involves long days, early starts, late nights, sleep deprivation, aching feet and numb fingers but florists love what they do and wouldn’t change it for the world.

As always; we couldn’t have done this without the support of the local community, and our loyal customer base as we continue to service the Wirral and surrounding areas with our flower arrangements, so from all of us at Bromborough Flowers, a huge thank you.